Pastirma Sliced | Basturma | Cured beef | 200g


 Pastirma Sliced | Basturma | cured beef | 200g

Halal, Bastirma

This food is kind of Turkish cured meat, is a delicacy with a wonderful flavour. It roots from “bastirma” which means “being pressed” in Turkish as pressure is a crucial step in the preparation of it. Pastirma is covered and cured in a thick spicy paste called “cemen”, which is prepared with cumin, fenugreek seeds, garlic and hot paprika.

Pastirma is sliced thinly and often eaten as a breakfast, fried with eggs, as a topping on Turkish flatbread or diced to be added to white bean stew.

Halal food. roughly 200 gr packages. Produced by Turkish meat product suppliers (currently importing meat or dairy products from Turkey is banned but hopefully not for long)