original basterma

Original Basterma | Pastirma | 1Kg


  • Original Basterma | Pastirma | 1Kg

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  • Pastirma, a kind of Turkish cured meat, is a delicacy with a wonderful flavor. It is rooted in “bastirma” which means “being pressed” in Turkish as pressure is a crucial step in the preparation of it. Pastirma is covered and cured in a thick spicy paste called “cemen”, which is prepared with cumin, fenugreek seeds, garlic, and hot paprika.
  • Original Basterma

  • Pastirma is sliced thinly and often eaten as a breakfast, fried with eggs, as a topping on Turkish flatbread, or diced to be added to white bean stew.
  • Produced by Turkish meat product suppliers (currently importing meat or dairy products from Turkey is banned but hopefully not for long).
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