Kaymak where to buy

Kaymak Where to Buy | Halal Desserts Toronto | 230g


  • Kaymak Where to Buy | Halal Desserts Toronto | 230g

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  • Thick, creamy, and almost buttery dairy product.
  • Kaymak with honey is one of the most desired items in a great classic Turkish breakfast. This sumptuous spread is also served with Turkish desserts such as kuneferevani, and kadayif.
  • Kaymak Toronto

  • Sold frozen. Same-day delivery in GTA.  Ships to the outside of Toronto only during cold seasons.
  • You may want to make one of these desserts or include this flavor for breakfast. You don’t need to search for Clotted Cream Toronto for this.
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  • Kaymak Where to Buy

  • We bring you this leading flavor of Turkey. Thanks to safe and fast shipping, your breakfast will be better.
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Check out the Kaymak and cheese Turkish breakfast in Istanbul.