hand cream canada

Hand Cream Canada | Dalan | 250ml


  • Hand Cream Canada | Dalan | 250ml

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  • Formulas with a base of pure olive oil added, and easy absorption.
  • With its mix of natural olive oil and glycerin, Dalan d’Olive Nourishing cream, specially created for normal and dry skin, feeds and revitalizes your skin.
  • it helps to gain softness instantly and maintain moisture balance for up to 24 hours.
  • Olive Oil Hand Cream

  • Olive oil contains antioxidants that support the skin’s natural defenses against environmental elements on a regular basis.
  • A skincare regimen Olive oil’s rich vitamin E concentration feeds and revitalizes the skin, giving it a radiant, healthy appearance.
  • For people with sensitive skin, its hypoallergenic collection also includes minerals and moisturizers.
  • Made in Turkey
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